Urgent Message for President Obama–To thine own self be True

Thought Stream —

Message for President Obama —Sort out his relationship with himself—have a talk with himself about his core values, beliefs and vision for America  Figure out why he always wants to compromise and  be  loved. Realize You can’t create Common Ground with people who want to destroy you and block any initiative that requires shared sacrifice. Be who you are. Then craft a message and an Action Plan to communicate this vision to the American people. Accept that the goal of the loyal opposition is to bury him in 2012.

One thought on “Urgent Message for President Obama–To thine own self be True”

  1. Dad, I’m doing good, about to go to the coffee shop to do some drawings. Your visit made me a stronger person, somehow? This is where I can talk to you and send you messages. I have to get my medication refilled tomorrow, hopefully that will go smoothly. I am working on contacting soccer coaches and soccer camps here in Austin via the internet. Thinking of you, and hopefully Mom will be able to forgive me for what I look at as my inadequacies which I am working on in life. Don’t share this with anybody, let’s keep it between us. As for your post, do you think Obama will read it? Also, my friend Edward just got the internet too, and so I have him to talk with. We really relate as friends, which I think is great. I’ll stay in touch, love you, Todd.

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