Resilience and Recovery–Reflections on 9/11

Quote:  “In the face of unexpected setbacks and disruptive change, resilient leaders do two very important things: they maintain a clear vision of what they want to achieve and they continually communicate to others how the country, organization or individuals can identify problems and  find their way forward.” Mark W Hardwick, Ph.D. 

Reflection: Going through my stack of unread journals and other stuff I recently came across the Newsweek edition published on September12, 2011. Their series of articles were titled RESILIENCE a powerful framework for looking back and forward sense the events of  9/11 ten years ago. They focused on  overcoming fear, grief and revenge to reflect on how to overcome severe traumatic events like 9/11.  But the most powerful piece was about how we have recovered. Resilient leaders get others interested by engaging their imaginations, generating intrigue in the subject, and asking questions that stimulate new thoughts. They have a knack for sorting through large amounts of information and opposing points of view to settle on a decision. They follow through on commitments, and keep others informed when promises cannot be made. They participate in establishing individual and team goals, and then communicate over and over again how accomplishing those goals will enable the organization to achieve its vision of winning. Most important, they get the right things done without constantly pursuing other options that may or may not align to the objectives. The real impact of tragedy on the scale of 9/11 is to test our commitment to the great American experiment and build a more empathic shared meaning of what Democracy means in our daily interactions  and collective consciousness. 

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