The Inner Game of Presentations–Duarte’s Golden Rule

Quote:  “A meeting is a game,” said Dave Gray of Duarte and Associates. “there’s no reason it can’t be fun.” Imagine if more of our meetings incorporated principles of games in them.  I think they would inspire a lot less aggravation, agitation, and apathy and instead evoke anticipation, action and appreciation. So ask yourself, “What does this slide say about me/my idea?”  If the answer conjures up unpleasant images of pocket protectors or big hair, take another pass at your slides, and remember Duarte’s Golden Rule: Never deliver a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through.”

Reflection: I recently did a blog post at thewick about effective meetings, but did not include the issue of fun or entertainment. If you are a leader of a meeting and you have not given this rule any thought then I recommend not only the Duarte Rule but the Six Golden Rules for conducting meetings


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