Five Steps for Dealing with Pinches and Being Stuck in Life.

Five strategies for Dealing with Pinches in Life 

  1. Focus on your plan and mission but be open to change depending on feedback and  life circumstances. Don’t give up on the plan but always look and listen for ways to change or re-structure it if the plan  isn’t working.  
  2. Deal with past failures and disappointments. Your past does not determine the future unless  you deny or don’e acknowledge your part in the failure. Always own responsibility and be     accountable for your actions. Confront and take responsibility for miscues correct them and  move-on.
  3. Use Smart-step process to change your thinking and behavior. Reject absolutism thinking   and develop flexibility and openness to changing your mind. You can’t be perfect If you so listen  to others input and ideas. Fail fast – listen often—always be learning.
  4. Moblize followers by including them into to be part of the planning and action steps for execution.  Aloneness is the safe world you’ve built. It keeps you stuck. Vulnerability invites others  and trust and commitment. Be patient and give credit away.
  5. Advance  your mission and purpose. It’s important and useful to identify barriers to success      and  express your feelings when things are not working. Setbacks and frustrations are  inconvenient but not awful. Don’t personalize or over react to feedback or criticism because these  emotions will destroy the team morale. It’s more important to be optimistic and focused in order   to advance your position and cause.  Try to move through setbacks and accomplish the next step     of the plan. Keep top of the mind your mission and goals. A conversation that doesn’t connect  and lead to understanding doesn’t communicate. If you are not communicating you don’t have   any chance of influencing and moving the mission forward.

What ideas or activities do you use when things aren’t working in your life ? 


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