New Poem –What if’s of life

What if’s of M W Hardwick

What if…the rain

Washed away all your troubles in life.

What if …walking

Provided answers to all your questions about the beauty of Nature

What if …poverty

Replaced hunger, homelessness and mental illness.

What if…empathy reign supreme

And  judgment, criticism and contempt were gone

What if…words

Did not stigmatize others and could replace the need for action.

What if…attitudes

Were always positive and up beat.

What if…the moon

Stop shining.

What if…Food

Was plentiful and free for all

What if ..the rainbow

Restored all your dreams

What if …questions about meaning

Were answered by just asking.

What if..the time for your death

Was know to you this second

What if… peace

Became the focus of humanity and not war.

What if…every breath

Provided you the strength to ward off sickness

What if… everyday

Brought you closer to the truth

What if… trust

Was given rather than having to be earned.

What if…the cool breezes of the ocean

Restored your energy and provide new strengthen to conquer your demons.

What if…you and I

Were always on the same page and communication just flowed.

What if ..What if’s

Were turned into  daily actions of  serving, caring

And loving  for all… loving for all… loving for all forever…


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