Daily Quote and Reflection: Being open to Others Stories true message of Empathy

Quote: “ Every story we hear can teach us something about our lives. The connection is not in the details but in the overall meaning. You will seean event in one way, I in an altogrther different way. What we learn from that experience will be just as different and enriching.” Tom Chappell, Past Ceo of Tom’s of Maine. From the book, The Soul of a Business–Managing for Profit and the Common Good.

Reflection:  In this masterful book Tom Chappel shares his experiences on how to grow a business through a strong mission statement and alignment of values. When Tom talks about stor telling he is providing us with a lesson for listening, sharing and caring about other people’s point of view.  What is relly exciting about Tom’s growing a successful business is his emphasis on people first and then profits will follow. This quote on story telling encourageous us all to be more open to other people’s experience. This is the true essence of empathy.


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