Rapport Builders–What is your 1 Minute “UNIQUE CONNECT” ?

“…the language of conversation is primarily a language of rapport: a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships”. – Deborah Tannen. Ph.D.

Many times the most important time during a conference is the coffee break. Recently, I observed during our coffee breaks interactions.  Many of these doctors were definitely intelligent and on top of their expertise but given that this was a conference focusing on high cholesterol and relationship to genetics, physical exercise and food. There were many people with similar back grounds and experience. If each of these people only had 1 minute they would use to introduce themselves while pouring coffee or reaching for a  donut …what would they say?  Would they fall into the rut of describing their medical specialty or where they worked or were from?  “Hi, I’m Dr. Bob Smith and I’m Director of clinical practice at st.Mary’s in Northland, Michigan.”  Or would they have a clear, and compelling introduction that made other people interested and curious because they were  different from all the others in the crowd?  The goal is to pique someone’s interest.  To get them to say “tell me more” or to ask a question. What you say that might help you connect with the other person in a unique way. As you might know — my rapport building 3 minuets self-intro would be:  “Hi, I’m Mark Hardwick. I facilitate sessions on –How presentations and compelling communications can change the world of medicine. One doctor at a time.”  What would your 1 minute opener be?


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