Are you feeling negative about life–Learn 2 take control of your negativity and stress

“I’m feeling pretty negative about life and I’m feeling pretty stressed ABOUT…”

Has a friend ever said this to you?  What do you do? Try to reassure or rescue them by saying things will get better or let me help or do you dig for more understanding by asking them to tell you more…

When you have a big events coming… wedding…birth of twins…comforting a dying Father or Mother or Friend… or at work a  presentation or critical proposal due, the pressure you friend feels or you is usually self-imposed by your thinking and anxiety of the events. How do I know? Because stuff that felt high-pressure a few years ago is old hat to me now. Because it used to be hard for me to speak to a class of twenty people, or take the wild run with each up and down of my retirement stocks and now I just go for the ride. Because I now realize these challenges are just part of this wonderful journey so not only do I get used to life’s surprises and curve balls, I embrace and thrive on them rather than being negative. .

Unless you’re caught in a terrible storm or some other outside event most of what we experience and stress about is self-induced by negative self-talk and irrational thinking.

What you do with the stress in life is up to you. If it’s not helping you do great work, STOP AND CHANGE YOUR THINKING OR FIND WAYS TO DISTRACT, overcome or challenge the STRESS BY BEING MORE POSITIVe and Mentally Tough..


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