Daily Quote and Reflection: Is your garden complete?

Quote: “Your garden is not complete until you have taken everything out of it. “  Japanese aphorism

Reflection: Let’s see unpack this quotation and relate it to my day to day living:  I see the goal  of life to either get through to the with as little pain as possible or to challenge life and get through by living it fully both pain and happiness. :

The quotation seems simple enough but difficult to execute unless you develop a perspective and principles to live by: Here are some my reflections on that challenge..

  1. This means moving away from facades—toward being more authentic and aware of our environment and surroundings
  2. Away from the shoulds and oughts  toward  more of a life that accepts what is and then deals with this reality straight-up
  3. Toward your own definition of being—away from meeting others expectations. For example. Always do the best you can and give 100% effort no matter the situation. Accept yourself  and all your frailties and strengths.
  4. Away from always pleasing others—to meaning more inner-directed
  5. Toward ” being process” orientated by living in the  “here and now” rather than a product of the “there and then”.
  6. To be that one truly is; in spite of obstacles and interference’s that life deals us.

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