Daily Quotes and Reflection : Zen of Presentations shows how to eliminate Power Point Abuses

Today I am going to encourage you to reflect on how Power Point presentations are blocking our ability to connect and communicate more effectively with your audience. One of the best sources for you is the Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds.  Below are some of his quotes:

Zen and effective presentations by Garr Reynolds. I hope this article stimulates your thinking and provides insights for change  
"In the presentation, we discussed the current state of business presentations today which, more often than
not, incorporate the use of PowerPoint in ways that actually undermine the speaker’s good intentions.  Bullet point filled slides with reams of text become a barrier to good communication.  We have become accustomed to a “PowerPoint culture” in which a disconnect exists between the audience and the presenter.  Many
people, including many top business leaders, are fed up with PowerPoint.  But it is not PowerPoint’s fault —
PowerPoint is just a tool."

Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that
the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious."
                                                                     — Daisetsu Suzuki

If we apply some basic, accessible concepts borrowed from the world of Zen, we can improve our
effectiveness and allow our content to connect in more powerful ways. One key concept is simplicity.
However, simplicity is not merely a means to more effective communication. Rather, it is a consequence of
our “Letting Go” of bad habits and much of what we have learned about multimedia presentations in the era
of PowerPoint. 

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the
complicated simple, awesome simple, that's creativity.” — Charles Mingus

Reflection: We ar not going to eliminate the use of Power Point and yet we must find ways to use the tool to support the presentation and not be the presentation. Bottom line I think In a nut shell: PowerPoint culture causes both audiences and presenters to suffer.

Learning how to use multimedia tools like Poer point maybe a first step for all of in becoming be more effective and powerful presenters.


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