Poem: The Art of Sparking and Embracing Life

Art of Sparking and Embracing Life… by M.W. Hardwick 

Create mental maps that fit your reality.

Then be flexible enough to change your maps on the fly

Explore and be curious about the unknown and differences of others

Be courageous and bold to explore all unanswered questions

Recognize the positive intentions of others

Be slow to judge and careful to give unwanted advice

Enjoy nature and fresh smell of trees and the running stream

Learn to relax, be in the moment and relax

Listen to your inner thoughts and march to your own drummer

Be sensitive to others pain and fragility by being there even if not ask

Dream often and be open to the possibilities for the future

Say yes more often rather and operate less from defensiveness and contrary stance

Recognize your strengths and use them to raise your expectations and standards

Look for the positive side in difficult times

Embrace new ideas and be strong in the face of fears

Test and try new ways of relating and living

Choose your own direction after listening to others and assessing your experience

Step carefully into decisions by exploring consequences

Love your place in the world of man and accept yourself and mysteries of life

Persevere by renewing dreams when things go astray

Boldly give yourself as a possibility for others

Light the sparks of hope, love and dreaming for all as the igniting force for good…

For good…for good ..as the way forward.



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