Daily Quote and Reflection: Listen-up True Believers and Tea Party–See why People get STUCK in their Beliefs

Daily Quote: “Everybody has their own private hell. Getting through it requires awareness, courage and openness to change.  STOP ignoring the facts and evidence and free yourself to see the truth” Mark W.Hardwick, Ph.D. .

Reflection: Why do people ignore facts and evidence that the TEA Party and Rep have it wrong about how to solve economic problems and jobs crisis in U.S.? Because admitting they are wrong even if it is obvious to others. Evidence and facts show they are wrong and still don’t change their minds. Because changing their mindset”  requires them to change their beliefs and view of the world.  These “true believers are emotionally stuck. So the only place they go for information is to Fox News and Rush “baby”.  Loads of research evidence suggests people tend to seek information that confirms their beliefs rather than disproves them. Want more information and detail on research see PsyBlog.


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