Four Ways to Connect With Buyers: Start with Listening and Respect…

A recent survey in 2009, reported that 90% of consumers learned about and trusted personal acquaintances recommendations more than ad claims. Consumers mis-trust with media is a difficult hurdle to overcome when trying to increase a product or service visibility and credibility. So what to do?

Four things are important for anyone’s media strategy:

1 Listen, Show and Problem Solve. Be sure to understand the  target audience needs, desires and pain then  customize ads and be responsive in face to face interactions to begin to solve these problems.

2. Integrate Web, Facebook and twitter in to your brand strategy. This provides the opportunity for word-of-mouth campaigns or virus to develop.

3.. Respect people’s time–show the how the product will save them time or help them use time in a more efficient and effective ways.

4. Stop the old worn out ” Tell and Sell” approach–Give buyers the space and respect they deserve when spending their money. Provide tangible view or experience with your product or service. They will determine the value and benefits. Use relevant success stories, testimonials and visuals to make a “unique connection” with target audiences; rather than telling them your product or service is outstanding and using high pressure sales tactics to close the deal.


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