Poem: The Gift of Love and compassion Remembering 9/11

Gift of Love—by M.W. Hardwick

The brightness of my love still shines  

Time rolls on without delay, birthdays come and go

Moments turn to days to months and years,

Years merge in both precious and unexplained ways.

Love, happiness depends on caring, attention and some luck

At the center I have chosen you and you me.

Of all the gifts we could give–the greatest is love and compassion.

We share the gift of love by

Opening our hearts to all that is and being there for others

By being there and slow to criticize and judge…

And being humble for our good fortune.

Be slow to anger and quick to apologize and forgive

Show elements of love, patience and yes at times sadness…

Empathy, caring and acceptance daily– in the little things we do and say

Find a piece of serenity and the warmth of …

The Gift of love. The gift of love, The gift of Giving……

Be generous, open and trusting…on this day to remember…

Pay respect to their courage, accept our shared sadness…

Be never forget and provide love and compassion for all the living… 


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