Revisiting Self-Renewal –Smart-Steps and Renewal of Mental Maps


“Exploration of the full range of our own potentialities is not something that we can safely leave to the chances of life. It is something to be pursued avidly to the end of our days. We should look forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between our own potentialities and the claims of life — not only the claims we encounter, but the claims we invent. And by potentialities I mean not just skills, but the full range of our capacities for sensing, wondering, learning, understanding, loving, and aspiring…Change is the essence of a great civilization and self-renewal and community are the drivers for it.”  John Gardner  

Self-Renewal: Smart-Steps personal change process is about attention and acceptance. Focus, attention, acceptance and deliberate decision making and problem solving are the cornerstones of living a purposeful life. Smart-steps personal change process is not about instant change and magically thinking. It’s about being fully engaged in the “here and now” and being aware of why you are living the way you are, and knowing that life is about choices you have made. SSPC is about designing our lives to align our values, beliefs and daily action on a purposeful life mission.


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