Key to Sticky and Effective Presentations–Relevance

Making Presentations Relevant

You have been selected as the next  speaker  for the Board of Director’s. This presentation could continue to make your star rise in the organization. So your task is to craft  a message that is informative , exciting and  makes the Board more aware and sensitive to a problem and solution that moves them to positive action. If this is your situation, it’s essential to take the time and think about what separates effective persuasive presentations from boring ones.

First thing you want to do is ask yourself this power and focused question: What do you want the Board members to remember or do after your presentation? Next remember that an effective presentations begin with one simple word: relevance. When participants connect with your core message you have their attention. It’s up to the speaker to understand or uncover the audience needs and expectations thus establishing relevance. Speakers can only be successful if the people who are present at the meeting see the relevance of your information for them.

Think about it this way. How would you answer an audience member who was bold enough to ask you at the beginning of the presentation “What’s in it for me to listen for the next 60 minuets?” The answer to that question – what is in it for the audience member is the responsibility of the speaker and is the essence of relevance. Effective presenters are able to convey relevance throughout their speech by using examples, telling stories or relating facts that are relevant and bring value to  audience.

So the next time you are designing a speech or communicating to your team members be sure your message is designed and delivered in a way that helps them understand how and why they can benefit from the material and new information you are trying to convey. That’s the best way to ensure that your message is memorable and inspiring and when you get to the point of calling for action their will be followers ready to act on the message because it resonates with their needs and is relevant to their lives.

Final Tip: Determining what is meaningful to your audience is an important aspect of preparing an effective and sticky presentation’ The best tool for identifying relevance is to do an audience analysis to learn what is important and meaningful to your audience. You can do the analysis prior to the meeting or even more powerful is to do an extemporaneous survey of the audience interest, experience and needs as it relates to your topic of discussion. Customizing  the presentation on your feet shows your confidence as a presenter and mastery of the subject matter which is very impressive to audience members. Good Luck and let us know how it worked out.  


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