My Speech was a Success but the audience was a FAILURE– What?

“Adults gifted with perceptivity are those who can hear the flowers singing within others not yet aware of their own gifts…They understand the meaning of personal symbols and to see beyond the superficiality of a situation to the person beneath… People who are gifted at “seeing” often seem to have a touch of magic about them. Eric Hoffer, .Jane Austen, Langston Hughes, Anne Hutchinson, William Shakespeare, and Henry David Thoreau are all examples”. Dr. Deidre Lovecky 

How can you grow and develop your potential if you are not open to feedback or live in denial. You can learn if you dob’t face your mistakes or errors in judgment. Concealing or ignoring mistakes makes learning impossible. For many people this type of defensiveness explains how they create difficulties and problems in life.  This type of viewpoint or blame  keeps you stuck in a rut. What do to if this is your approach to life? The simple solution is to own the responsibility for messing-up and try to figure out what happened from the audience’s point of view and then identify what you learned and apply your learned the next time you get an opportunity.

1. Ownership and responsibility

2. Review the situation.

3. Seek feedback and observations from others.

4. Be resilient.

5. Decide what you are in control of and can change.


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