Daily Reflectional–Thought Stream –20 Lessons Learned From Bald Head Island.

Note in my daily journal –July 1st, 2911:  After taking the shuttle boat from the mainland to Bald Head Island NC, I was sitting on the beach and could feel the stress in body disappearing as the waves rolled onto the shore. I look around on a near empty beach on a hot sunny day I thought and said to myself — Nature is always speaking to us—if we only took the time to listen and be peace with what it has to offer. I felt a sense of renewal and recovery. I was inspired. How does nature inspire you?  Everything in Nature can be your teacher I thought—but we need to be ready to learn.

On Become one with Nature… Lessons Learned.

1. Flexibility. What looks weak is strong. Wind blowing through the trees and the  Weeping willow “bends but doesn’t break”

2. You don’t have to be big to be strong. Size matters not it is how big is your heart.

3. Strength is found in naturalness  and  authenticity. Let the waves over you.

4. Go with the flow like waves rolling over sandbar and splashing at my ankles.

5. Be deeply rooted but flexible—live your beliefs and values

6. Slow down by enjoying the moment

7. Be mindful not busy—empty you cup so that it may be filled…learn to travel with a car.

8. We can only see our reflection in clear water. Be more concise with you words. Listen to what you say. Be quick to apologize for foolish behavior.

9. Stay balanced against all barriers and forces of evil put up a sand erosion screen–protect what you value before it’s to late.

10. It is only in still water that we can see our reflection

11. Stay connected by being  present and ready

12. Find peace and wisdom in reflections and silence

13. Sometimes you must be open to unlearn what you have learned

14 Commit yourself to the journey be open to challenges, growth and renewal

15. Show patience and perseverance by taking one step at a time in to deeper water and when ready dive in and let the water wash over you

16 Express yourself through silence, simplicity and sincerity

17. Show your awareness and power through clarity and passion. Build a road and castle in the sand.

18. Unleash your power and energy to spring back after a wave knocks you down–Fall often and get up and try again. “Fall 9 times and get up ten.

19. Learn from experience –we all have problems.

20.  It isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can be hit and keep moving forward…that’s how winning gets done.


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