New poem–Generosity antidote to Selfishness

Generosity by M. W. Hardwick

The only antidote for our obsessed race for celebrity and success is generosity. Giving begets receiving. He who does not give doesn’t deserve to be given to; it is unjust for a stingy man to receive. When you give, you don’t lose what you have given but have invested into your future, ’cause the hand that receives from you is indebted to you and will pay in the future.

Giving of yourself is hard…

Is not easy the excuses abound—

Too busy

Too selfish

Too poor

Takes too much time

Others are lazy…

The excuses  go on and on…

Yet we could tell a more optimistic narrative—

Make space and time for people who need help

Volunteer for one meal at the homeless shelter

See others in a new light

Decide in your heart to do more…

Go from just talking about others who need help

Too helping someone in need…

Match your values and action.

Start with simple –steps…

Do it now…now… now…

It is the right thing to do…


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