Daily Quote and Reflection: Living with the Two Wolves in Our Hearts

Daily Quote Native American Folklore: “In my heart, there are two wolves a wolf of love and a wolf of hate. It all depends on which one I feed each day.”

Reflection: I find this quote fascinating and if I am honest with my self, these two tug always for attention and action. I find the quote both hopeful and a bit disturbing. The Wolf of Love is hopeful and popular myth in our culture because we all need love and affection to survive and thrive in life. The “Wolf of Hate” or as I call it the “shadow side” is to be feared because it harbors evil and dark thoughts. Not many people admit to this dark or shadow side yet it has powerful implications for how we live our lives. In trying to live without awareness of our “Wolf of Hate” we are vulnerable to impulsive behaviors and unconscious evil actions. We can observe these “wolves” on the individual, group and societal levels; such as, Wars, Mass Movements like Nazis, smaller groups like the John Birchers, Father Divine, Tea Party, Black Panther’s or Weathermen or closer to home our anger, frustrations with co-workers, the boss or even with our loved ones. With this said, I believe that through self-awareness and understanding an optimistic view is present by the Wolves story and happiness. The optimistic narrative  is that we all have the choice and power in our daily interactions to be more empathic, compassionate, generous and understanding while advocating for less WARFARE, FAMILY VIOLENCE,BULLYING AND OTHER EVILS IN OUR COMMUNITIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS.


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