Poem: From Darkness I Discovered JOY …

From darkness I Discovered Joy–M.W. Hardwick 

I was sleeping wide awake

My mind raced from scene to scene

Confusion reigned and restlessness preclude sleep

I was observing and not acting

I kept asking what is going on am I happy or sad

Flashes of High School friends mixed with family members.

Burdens and fears seem heavy.

Then, a storm hit people scattered and destruction was all around.

I was now in the dream running from the terror of a natural disasater

Voices I heard were cries for help and fear for my well-being

I stopped– do I run or stay.and be of service

The sun peaked through the clouds — the winds were strong and swirling

quivering air; breathe it; taste it

In a flash I felt joyful I can help

In the rumble of a collapsed house I hear a cry

digging –digging–digging at the edge of discovery

My pulse raced and breathing quickened

I had found an infant covered in stones and earthy clay

I reach gently to pick up the babe and brush the dirt from his or her face

Shaking I picked dirt from the mouth and eyes–the infant stopped crying

Was she or he breathing?

Then the joy of a smile

I awoke and life seemed to have changed

I dreamed of a terrible event yet joy and fulfillment won out.

Life truly is service, so I needed to face every day with a better nature

Focused on joy, service and resolution

I am now engaged each  day with purpose

Driven by the challenges of life’s bigger questions

Service  to others was Joy and joy was my purpose…


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