Daily Reflection–To Alleviate Sleep Walking through Life try Capturing your Flashes of Brilliance.


Reflections on the Hu­man Condition: “That which is unique and worthwhile in us makes itself felt only in flashes. If we do not know how to catch and savor the flashes we are without growth and exhilara­tion.” Would it be possible to reanimate and cultivate the alert­ness to the first, faint stirrings of thought? What would happen if I forced myself over a period of several months to sluice my mind the way I sluiced dirt in my gold-hunting days, using a diary as a sluicebox to trap whatever flakes of insight might turn up?  Eric Hoffer , Longshoreman and author of True Believer

Reflection: Know matter how busy we are to avoid getting into a rut and just doing stuff we need to pay attention. Woody Allen once said that “80% of success is just  showing up”. Of course just thinking about things like creating a physical fitness plan is good. The doing of it makes it better. So it takes both showing-up and paying attention and then doing to build a strong personal change plan. So Hoffer  has got it right –we need to pay attention to our “flashes of brilliance”  or we can get stuck in sleep walking through life. I am going to start  to capture my ideas and flashes in a journal for the next thirty days. What about you?

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