Tangibility Key to Connecting with Audience

What does Tangibility have to with knowledge acquisition and connecting with your audience? Just as the cooking channel uses food preparation as a visual and concrete way to connect with their viewers, so do  great communicators need to use concrete and tangible examples to connect with an audience.

Acquisition of knowledge: Tangible product demonstration and physical exploration helps the presenter connect with the audience and provides the audience a tangible view and increases  the acquisition of knowing in specific ways the reality of the presenters message.  For example, when you show a child a banana split ,  he will see the cheery. whipping cream, chocolate sauce and ice cream , he precedes to touch it, smell it; then dig in ( with or without a spoon) and taste it.  In the end, the child will have a clear visual, and tangible idea of what “banana split” sundae is.

Master reality: The child has an opportunity to master his reality.  By slicing food, cleaning up when done, and washing dishes, etc. the child will become the owner of his physical senses.  He will acquire new movements and slowly become the master of his body and his reality.

Development of language: Through these food preparation activities the child gains an enrichment of vocabulary, the opportunity of naming  things, and indirectly learning how to manipulate his environment. It provides the child with the opportunity to succeed and build confidence.


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