Coaching Framework and Elements of Customer-Focused Selling.

Framework for Sales Coaching  

  1. Selling is a mutual exchange of value. Helping the customer find the service or product that will provide value and meet their needs.
  2. Selling isn’t something you do to people; it’s something you do for and with them.
  3. Developing trust and rapport precedes any selling activity.
  4. Understanding people’s  needs and pain must always precede attempts to present and  sell.
  5. Selling techniques give way to value-driven principles.
  6. Truth, respect, and credibility provide the basis for long-term relationships.
  7. Values and perceptions contribute more to sales success than do techniques or strategies.
  8. Empathy is the key to understanding customers problems.
  9. Coaching is never manipulation. It’s the ability to understand your customers needs and their customer goals. It is a “discovery” learning and problem solving process not a “tell and sell” approach for helping the the buyer to find and buy what they need not what you want to sell.  Openness and honesty are the cornerstone of the process. It is customer-centered  not sales-driven process
  10. Closing is a process that naturally happens when you have provide the right solution to their ease their pain and find ways to male money or save money.

Elements of  a Sales Coaching Session.

1. Establish a respectful and trusting relationship. Challenge your assumptions about the person’s ability and shortcomings, gather the data and information.  Be matter of fact in presenting information and ask open-ended questions to find-out sales person’s concerns and issues.

2. Explore the Difference and Identify Problems

3.   Sharpen the Difference or Agreement–establish priorities for coaching session

4.    Identifying and Exploring making the relationship a personal win  solution for salesperson.

5. Get Commitment – Identify Action Plan – Follow-Up by using Smart-steps for change

6.  Continuous Improvement and Feedback Loops to support change and open communication.


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