Poem: Be Strong– Know and Accept your Natural You.

Poem: Be Strong by MW Hardwick 

Most fear comes from condemnation

Only fearlessness caring, confrontation

Will set you free

As the wind blows and clouds darken

Storm approaches ominous in its potential

What to we fear– loss, injury or death

The mind produces uneasiness

Illusions And delusions take center stage

While reality fades —we are “frozen”

Fear itself grips your insides and out

Facing fear is the only way through it.

Stamp-out the fear demons with action or a call for help

Be strong and think clearly

On one side are not dark shadows, clouds and destructive winds

But a beautiful view of acceptance and your natural ability to stand strong.

Based in trust of experience and past successes comes understanding and confidence.

Confidence will come where fear is faced eye to eye.

The way to confidence and survival is only through the fear,

Trust your Self and take action

Face fear, lean-in and  positive results await

The way through is to be STRONG.. Be Strong….Be Strong…

And accept who your natural self is…the you who desires to succeed and be perfect…

And knows disappointment and failures…

Accepting the whole good and bad of who you are…

Of who you are…Of who you are…Of who you are…


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