Not My Fault–Why we find it Difficult to Apologize

Eight reasons  we find it difficult to apologize. 

1  We think we are right and there is no need to apologize. We like to validate our point of view.

2  We don’t want to admit we were wrong or acted inappropriately.

3. We don’t want to let the other person off the hook—they must  suffer for a while.

4  If we forgive and apologize we think the behavior will happen again.

5  When we want to feel superior or one-up on th other[person

6.  We want them to take responsibility for their actions and learn from the impact of their actions..

7. We want then to be willing to remedy the situation.

8. Dualist thinker (right or wrong) and little flexibility

Another reason why it is difficult to apologize is that in behaving badly we feel stupid and find it difficult to admit our weaknesses and failures. my challenge to you is to try within the next 24 hour hours to forgive yourself and apologize for what you have done. You find power in owning your behavior .  Forgiving yourself  can lead to a greater self- awareness, a shift in stuck energy and a happier, more meaningful life.


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