Daily Quote and Reflection: High Cost of Arrogance, Poor communication and Zero Empathy Skills

Daily quote and reflection: Most people don’t associate the word “empathy” with effective leadership. 

Reflection: what do you associate the word “empathy” with?  I associate the word with the ability to put yourself in someone’s shoes without  judgment. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend that called for empathy. They were describing their frustrating position at work. They had ideas for improving training with doctors and their ability to be more sensitive in communicating with patients. She presents ideas for improved and open communication to fellow doctors  with little support reaction to the suggestions. Later, she received  feedback from her supervisor that she was over-steeping her role and authority in making patient-doctor communication advice. Her boss liked her initiative  but others indicated that she must being to aggressive with her advice. The boss said her approach might be threatening doctors autonomy and control of patient care.  After this she took a more subservient role for the next few weeks..Eight weeks later the “Transplant physician was sued by a patient for malpractice.The key point in the law suit that the doctor did not listen and answer questions when the patient shared side effects of the medication plan. According to the lawsuit he and the Transplant Team were unresponsive to patient requests and questions about side effects of the medicine   But as with so many things in life something small changes might have made a difference but no one was listening to the patient and her family. The doctor proceed to blame other people for not providing him with the right information and did not know the problems with the patient.  Consequently, the patient had a sever stroke and fell into a coma. She was rushed to the Emergency room of a nearby hospital  The patient never came out of the coma and was later declared brain-dead by the  emergency room physician.   During the depositions it was uncovered that this doctor was insensitive and a displayed a very callous and  no-nonsense approach  to this transplant operation. He saw the operation as routine and spent little with the Transplant Team and patient. after the initial operation.  The patient’s family felt neglected and had a hard time communicating their concerns with the doctor and his team.  Whether the stroke had anything to do with his insensitive manner and poor communications with the patient will now be settled in a very expensive trial. In other words, the doctor and his team were having communication problems and little time was spent in building  a more empathic and effective relationship with the patient and the family..


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