Keep Your Ideas Flowing–Best Practices

Keep your curiosity flowing —Borrowing or building on ideas is called Best Practices.

  1. Piggy back on clever ideas and build on them for new applications  (i.e., pick a color from a famous work of art and use it as inspiration for women dresses or scarves.
  2. Look at ideas and info from many angles –use the four-sided box perspective
  3. Generalize an idea and then apply the broader idea in new situations
  4. Determine an idea’s underlying structure and apply new creativity to a comparable structure
  5. Shift the innovative idea in some way so it applies to a totally different situation
  6. Give credit for an idea, using it as a jumping off point for more research and impetus for new ideas
  7. Take ideas and  creative viewpoints and assemble them in new ways others haven’t before (i.e., Applying Inner Tennis ideas + 10,000 hours concept  + Mental Toughness = New ways to give Presentations.)

In each one of these creative instances, you’re looking for new applications– as you borrow creative ideas you can form a best practices  frame and  approach to problem solving and opportunity finding.


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