Want to be a Team Leader? Improve you ability to accept, include and involve others.

“The world connects through inclusion and involvement, This linking defines the essence of being.” MW Hardwick, Ph.D.

Inclusion and Involvement.  Everyone wants to feel welcomed and part of something bigger than themselves. Teamwork and  team meetings are a social and interpersonal process so establishing early and strong connections with your team members is critical for creating a positive climate for being productive. Begin to establish strong rapport before meeting begins by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team.  One way I have found that is helpful is to welcome everyone with a one-on-one contact and check how their expectations and dreams are being  blocked  or met Asking questions such as, What is important to them and motivates them to do good work? What has been their experiences in working on teams? Are they preoccupied or cleared to go? Do they need time to re-focus before taking up the agenda?  As the meeting proceeds try to include and get comments from everyone around the table or on the phone. I find using the “go around” tool helpful in getting everyone involved from the beginning of the meeting. At the end of the meeting be sure to check on what went well in the meeting.? What didn’t work? and How can future meetings be improved?

As a leader of a team you need to have passion for your work and be generous to anyone on the team that needs support or good kick in the ass to get going. Most people on your team will evaluate you as a leader by looking at your fairness, honest feedback, openness and realness in dealing with issues and with them.


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