Certainty in Life…MW Hardwick Poem




Certainty in Life–Poem by MW Hardwick

Every thought you think,

Every feeling you feel,

And every action you take is an experience.

Some experience stick with you forever

Others are short-lived and fleeting

Others are long and never very significant

Experiences are not good or bad–they just are.

Impact remains to be defined by us.

Others are part of everyday routines or special activities.

The key ones focus on survival, safety, suffering and fun.

Some are long and all present,

Some boring and depressing,

Some are painful and unforgiving.

And some are uplifting and fun.

Sometime experiences seem interconnected and other times random.

Maybe that is what “meaning” in life is –just a bundle of moment to moment experiences.

Filtered by thought, reflection, emotions and impulsivity.

Meaning provided by our own idiosyncratic perceptions

Accept them and life is renewed every second.

Challenge and fight them –you join “the figure it” out crowd.

Search, searching and searching for unreachable answers–

You cross the threshold when acceptance and integration drives your search.

Life can not be choreographed as a dance…

Yet embracing faith, luck or chance may ease the pain

And be your guide for living a flexible, changeable and fresh experience…

Still I can not promise certainty…cetainity…certinity in life.





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