Constant Overload and stressed? Learn to Recover and Relax

Constantly on information overload. Prescription for change: Use Smart-step process.

“We can do no great things – only small things with great love. Mother Theresa 

By  overload I don’t just mean that you are busy multi-tasking or feel like the 50 things on the ” to do” list will never get done. I mean a general feeling of constant pressure and stress and the inability to relax.  In addition, I mean an overload of input from the outside that gives you a sense of being out of control. The result of this constant pressure and activity is that setting priorities, making choices and problem solving become difficult and your ability to concentrate wains.  If you just let all the outside interferences bombard you it will be hard to think clearly. It’s just too much stimulation. A few more potential downsides to this state are:

1. Some of the input you receive will be negative. The media and your surroundings often put a negative spin on things for various reasons. If you aren´t selective in what input you want in your life then you’ll be dragged into this negativity milieu. This affects how you think, feel and act.- It creates an urge to want to just run away from all of it.

2. It becomes hard to make decisions and take action if your mind is constantly running in and there with many diverse pieces of information or trying to meet all the demands and requests. Personally, I find that if I get too much information it leads to a sort of paralysis. Nothing gets done.. Or you get stuck doing and keeping busy, busy, busy at high-speed with low priority activities.

To be able to focus, think more clearly and take action it´s useful to be more selective in what you let into your mind and to take time to rest or relax the mind.

There is a friend who taught me to overcome overload by practicing mindfulness. Once a day, he finds a quote or a poem that is related to nature, serenity or quietness. After selecting the material to read he finds a peaceful spot to enjoy the poem or quote and in a reflect way explore it a bit and how it is relevant to his life. For me, quotes and poetry can often sink me into a state of greater relaxation and mindfulness if I just empty my mind and let the words float by.

So for today, here is a quote by John Gardner to reflect on—“When we talk about revitalizing of ourselves, organizations or society we tend to put exclusive emphasis on finding new ideas. Bu there is no shortage of new ideas; the problem is to get a hearing for them. And that means breaking through the crusty rigidity and stubborn complacency of the status quo.” 

After this break I guarantee you will feel like you have just spent 20 minuets mediating. Try it let me know what you think.

When you work shut out as much distractions as possible. Shut off the phone, internet and shut the door. It is strange how much you can get done when you aren´t interrupted every minute or have the opportunity to procrastinate by checking your RSS-feeds or favorite websites.

For instance, you don´t have to let in all the negative emotions from your surroundings. If everyone else is procrastinating or are anxiously keeping themselves busy by doing low-priority tasks at warp speed it´s easy to be influenced by that mood and context.


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