Getting started on Meaningful Constructive Living:Are you Ready for the Challenge?

Memory grips the past, hope secures the future. You don’t take the trip, the trip takes you. John Steinbeck, author

As you begin to explore and contemplate changes in your life there are at least three things you must under take to be ready to explore more growth, development and  self-awareness.  The following  is self- diagnostic premier to assess your readiness  for increasing self-awareness:

1. You must be open to accepting the challenge for figuring out who you are and how and why you function and react as you do.

2. You must accept that you are responsible for doing the hard work of reviewing and capturing your thoughts, feelings,  values, needs and actions.

3. You must stop rationalizing, denying or just plain lying about who you are to avoid the discomfort and pain of self-discovery.

4. You must be willing to question everything and draw your own conclusions based on the observations, and evidence you gather

So if you can answer yes to the above items I think you are ready to get started.  Tomorrow I will explore provide a framework for your exploration and a process to facilitate  your journey.



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