Daily Quote and Reflection: Living Your Life On Purpose

I cam across a couple of quotes the other day that I thought might be worthwhile to reflect on{
Quotes: “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfect..”  St. Francis De Sales  Rumi, the poet,  once claimed, “It is better to live the questions than always know the answers.”

Reflection: For me these quotes  began a process of exploring life’s  two great questions, “Am I living my life in a meaningful way? Am I making a difference?  These questions are important and the answers are hard to find and accept. So maybe it is in asking the question that we gain the power of self-understanding because It awakens us to pay attention and observe what is going on around us rather than just sitting in our own bath water.  The earlier in our adult life that we confront this question the quicker we get on a path toward a life of meaning, significance, and purpose.  Realistically, it is a road filled with personal development and exploration, identity issues and strengths for us to focus on.

Asking the question is an indicator of getting beyond ones self-centeredness  and thinking about how we interact and support others. It begins the process of becoming… as Carl Rogers called it.  Of course, the next logical question is, “How will I make a difference?”

Over the years, many people have shared with me there frustrations and disappointments ,  they usually say something like this

—“At some point in my life, I figured I needed to make a change in my life.  I’ve discovered that my purpose is to make a difference.”  While acknowledging this important observation, I try to confront in a caring way  and ask, “Have you considered how your skills and strengths make you uniquely qualified  to be a difference maker?”  My hope is to move them toward a more concrete understanding and depth of seeing their greater contribution in more specific terms.

Of course On Becoming a difference maker begins by knowing who you are. When you know who you are, you hold a strategic advantage in life and work.

Challenge: Describe your best self?   Are you living your life constructively and on purpose?   Become who you are.


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