Reflection: “It is only in still water that we can see”

Continuous learning helps in our ability to learn and gain knowledge and hone in on the skills we already have acquired throughout our journey of learning. While we age we continue to gain knowledge without even realizing it. Learning never stops. So forget the old saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.”  You can.

What I have realized while attending school, and acquiring the knowledge and skills to help others, we are taught a certain way to do things. One lesson I have learned is that people use a skill with many variations. I observed how each individual executes the skill a little differently  but came out with the same result. With anything in life, I have learnt that we are constantly learning and developing new ways of doing things.

Continuous learning is important to facilitate in our process to acquire new knowledge and skills. Therefore, a lot of companies give opportunities to their employees for higher learning and education therefore allowing each individual to gain new insight into other areas of their workplace. Which may in turn allow them to advance and provide more effective and efficient care for customers.



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