Fear of Change–Learn to develop your courage muscle.

“”Their is nothing permanent accept change.” Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

The key to embracing change and conquering your fear of change–is to look it the eyes.. be clear on what your goal is…developing a plan of action…take constructive action…received feedback on what worked and what did not …persevere with more action.. and you will never regretted the journey. Over my extensive years of consulting and coaching I have met many people who tell me how much they regret not being able to tackle their fears — and suffered because of it. Have the courage to keep experimenting until you conquer those fears.

As a training/consultant friend says, “Don’t be one of those people who let negativity and regret take the place of dreams.”

So, stretch yourself. Confront your fears and be willing to expand your comfort zone. The courage muscle can be developed just like any other muscle — with exercise. And when you do an activity outside your comfort zone a few times, you know what happens? That same activity becomes part of your comfort zone!

There’s another bonus when you’re willing to expand your comfort zone. When you push through fear and take action in some areas of your life, you’ll develop confidence in other areas, as well. It’s true! As I became more comfortable as a speaker, I also became a better teacher, communicator, consultant and coach… the list goes on and on.

You can try to deceive yourself that it is no big deal.  But be assured you won’t develop your potential to the fullest unless you are willing to tackle your fears. Life doesn’t reward those who refuse to take risks and challenges. Confront your fears and you’re on the way to developing your way to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Use tis action learning activity to see the benefits–List your top ten fears and pick the one that interferes in you living a happier and productive life. Put that fear on a yellow sticky and now commit to changing the fear into an exciting opportunity for change. Your fear is__________________________________________________________. Now begin to challenge it in the next 24 hours to develop an action plan for change. Good Luck and stick with it till you conquer it. Remember there are somethings you can’t change and need to just accept but those you can change is where hope lies is in affecting the change that IS  YOU.

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