Wonder of Nature: Pain and Pleasures of Life…MW Hardwick

Wonders of Nature: Pain and Pleasures by MW Hardwick

I have been thinking of water

Needed for survival

Yet causing upheavals and destruction

Tunamis and all the rest

Flat mirror with sparkling dancers in the early morn

Waves rolling slowly on the rocks below

Crushing what stands in the way

Mother Nature showing its shadow side

And then again In Spring everything sprouts

Look: the shining grass grows watch carefully

When after heavy rain

The dry creeks are full

And Loneman grows overflowing its banks

People huddle on the other side

Low water crossing covered with roaring water

You and I looking with different eyes—one sees beauty

The other fear and destruction

Those who think they know

Know nothing

Power of Nature moves on

And the mystery of life remains…


Listening to the night rain on the roof

I stretch out take a sip of Jack and drag on my last cigarette…

And sit in the quiet wondering…is this all there is…

Let go and move on  nature will do what it does

And take care of itself…itself…itself…

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