Want to create an edge for your next presentation? –Try this Tip

“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion and belief.”
You have prepared well, designed a powerful message, supported by examples and stories and of course your PPT slides.  Now it is the day of the performance. So you are looking for an extra boost so that the presentation is a success. Here is boost–If I had only one TIP  (to insure presentation success) to give, it would be to create an Aha Moment through story telling. To craft such a story takes time and needs to be relevant to the audience.  In the delivery style for communicating an Aha moment  you need to be passionate  and inspiring about your topic, let enthusiasm out and show your emotion for the subject being addressed.

Yes, you need a powerful AHA message supported by facts, stories, examples and maybe slides if they don’t become the focus of the speech. All this is called great content. And you do need a deep and authentic belief in your topic or all of this preparation is for naught. The biggest item that separates mediocre presenters from excellence is the ability to connect with an audience in an authentic, inspiring and exciting way. Don’t let you fears hold you back. Be confident. And let your passion for your topic come out for all to see. For me it’s a few slides to enhance visually one of your core ideas and a warm and passionate speaker over a cold and dull speaker with slick slides wins every time. So what do you use to get that little edge you need to overcome your fear of failure? Share with us your secrets of presentation success or failure, so we can learn from each other. Stay tune for next blog on the most famous and inspiring 17 minute speech that changed this person’s life and ours. Can you guess who this young man was and what and where he was speaking?


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