Be the best you are capable of becoming–Play to Succeed

“Life’s ultimate lesson–Do your BEST and do it with ENTHUSIASM and KINDNESS that’s all you can ask of yourself because no one is perfect.”  m.w. hardwick

Want to know success try some of the following–

1. Be  too gracious for animosity, and to humble to brag…just use what you have

2. Don’t focus on not losing. Focus on doing your best given what talents you have and the situation you are in.

3. Focus on your strengths not weaknesses–make the most of what you been given.

4. Keep illusions away by focusing on reality and who you are. Always live your beliefs and values. This will you on the journey rather than getting stuck in momentary wins or loses.

5. Real winners want thrive in moments of maximum pressure–they want ball at the end of the game. Pressure brings increased focus and improved performance.

6. Every relationship has its highs and lows just don’t let your disappointment over shadow the bright shinning moments. Agree to disagree is a relationship saver.

In order to grow and develop we have to change ourselves. I’m working on me, what about you? What are your life lessons. Share one for the community to discuss.


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