Sticky vs. Sucky Presentations–4 Secrets to Success

DELIVERING an effective and impactful presentation is the goal of every presenter. But how about one that makes a difference in people’s thinking and action. In short it is an inspiring and impactful speech.  This is what I mean by STICKY ( See the wick for introduction to Sticky Presentations) It includes achieving the objectives of the presentation, whether to inform, persuade , or generate support for a call to action.

So, what is the difference between a STICKY and SSUCKY  presentation?

The followings are the secrets behind every “sticky presentation”:

1. Connect with Conviction—Believable and Credible

Conviction on the material presented plays an important role. How is it possible if you can convince your audience, while you are not sure of the presentation material that is delivered? The first thing that must be owned by a presenter is to believe what is presented is something that is true, important and useful to your audience. Convince yourself first before convincing others.

To convince yourself, you should think what you want to convey very deeply, why the material is important and useful, and what will be felt by the audience when listening to the material. If you are really not sure, you should leave the material because it is probably not for you to say.

2. Confidence—Self and Content

Many people have problems with confidence. They are not confident when they have to perform in front of crowds. The bottleneck to be confident is often insecure feeling or excessive anxiety.

To solve it, just thing positively as your audience will be impressed and grateful for your meaningful and convincing presentation. You should remember that even the best speakers still feel a little anxiety when they will start the presentation. So, take advantage of such anxiety and make it as something that makes you confident. When you are confident, then you can smile, stand up with dignity, and respect yourself and the audience who is listening.

3. Compelling–Energy and Passion

In every presentation, show the audience your positive energy in speech, posture, and gestures. A presenter who speaks too slowly will make audiences sleepy or lazy posture will also make your audiences lose their interest.

Showing the energy does not mean speaking loudly. Energy is where you are relaxed but focused. Confident but not arrogant, while passion is where you show a strong desire and interest to what is delivered. Present relevant and important information and the audience will mirror your enthusiasm and passion.


Being yourself is taking advantage of your natural talents and strengths, so you will present an original, distinctive, and not artificial presentation. You may follow someone’s style when he is giving a presentation, but you should not remove your personal side.

If you are a naturally funny person, take advantage of your sense of humor. If you are serious person, take advantage of your style and sharp analysis. If you are a quiet person, take advantage of your reflective style when giving a presentation. Be yourself and take advantage of your unique and natural style in presenting.

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