Big Hairy Ass Goals vs Smart-Step Approach to Personal change

“Inside out change emphasizes that what happens in your thinking is more important for sustaining change than what happens to you or around you.” wickism

As we approach the middle of the 4th quarter I start reflecting and taking note of my goals and achievements for 2010.  Maybe it is time to start thinking about new goals. Or should I just keep trucking on…?  After all, everyone can make excuses and God knows we all have our plates full with a jobless recover, two wars, and a broken health care system, TARP,  Bank bailouts, etc. Oh, I forgot the elections in November.

If you are feeling too stressed to tackle a BIG Hairy Ass Goal like getting a real job, lowering your blood pressure, weight loss, stopping smoking, daily exercise, or learning to not get angry at your two-year old. Try a “small dose” goal by using the Smart-Step approach to personal change. Now let’s summarize  Smart-Step process. Make your goal important enough to create a difference in your daily living and small enough to accomplish without a great deal of risk or personal investment. This approach will keep you focused and not be as stressful as tackling a Big Hairy Ass goal. If you fail you won’t be as discouraged and maybe still be motivated to try again.

Remember the Japanese Kaizen way of “continuous improvement” saying

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.” —Lao Tzu

The idea of changing a habit in small steps is not exactly a closely guarded secret.  Our website shows the process and theory behind the concept There are other resources like

Consider one of these “small dose” goals:

If your motivator is “peace of mind,” make your small-dose goal: “Put your wallet and keys in the same place when you come home from work or after a trip to the store.”

If your motivator is “higher energy and alertness,” your small dose goal could be: “To take a 30 minute walk once a day.”

If your motivator is “more positive relationships,” try this Smart-Step goal: “Take one deep breath and say STOP instead of judging, correcting, arguing or interrupting your boss, wife and kids.

Change Exercise:

Over this weekend take some quite time to identify a small dose change—and for the next week do it every day and then tell us your results.  Good Luck and Stay Smart “one-step at a time”.

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