More on Meaningful Living Manifesto–Exploring a New Mental Framework

“You are on the track to Meaningful Constructive Living (MCL)  when you know yourself, craft a meaningful purpose and do what you need to do.”

Mark W. Hardwick, Ph.D.

“You don’t get to choose how or when you are going to die. So decide how you’re going to live.” Joan Baez

Building on  the Meaningful Constructive Living (MCL) Manifesto I want to talk about how this process is related to the need for continuous improvement and personal change through self-coaching and reflection. Knowing the process and methods for self-coaching and personal change provide  powerful motivation for learning how to life a more fulfilling and meaningful life. The MCL process provides practical tools  that can be used to become more decisive and effective in many choices in different situations.

Change seems to happen when you have stopped “efforting” after what you think you should be and accept and experience–what you are. As you become aware of what is, and of what you want, you become more at ease in establishing a meaningful dialogue with yourself. You need to develop flexibility in tailoring this process to fit your unique situation.  The key to success is for you to become more and more aware of how you are in charge …and all the options and choices that are yours to make in living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

You can start to take action on your plans; by choosing and doing small changes.  This process will provide a simple structure for self renewal and personal coaching. In order to change– the new behavior must be put in place of old habits and this takes time (thirty to forty-five days). And never forget the old adage—Be the change you want to see happen.

Remember when you have an emotion, you first perceive it. Next you think and believe something about your perceptions. Then you have a gut feeling caused by your thoughts about an idea, person or situation and then you make a choice and act accordingly. Key concept is that actions usually follow feelings (positive or negative) not facts or events. In essence your thoughts cause your feelings so to change your behavior you must think differently. So in order to gain momentum for self-renewal it’s time to start to think rationally about your thinking so you can live a more constructive life. As Maxie Maultsby, M.D. once said “You have to think better before you’ll feel better”. What are you doing today to think clearer about your problems and opportunities in life? Commit today to identify one thing that can improve your life circumstance and do something to change it.


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