Self-Coaching and Meaningful Constructive Living:–A Gameplan for Living on Purpose

Daily Quote: “A winner’s philosophy and perspective are  ground in openness, trust and a belief in dignity and worth of himself and others. He honors his own uniqueness, strengths and limitations. Realizing each of us can make a contribution and difference in our own way and own right.” Mark W. Hardwick,Ph.D

Overview of Meaningful Constructive Living (MCL) through Self-Coaching 

The purpose of MCL is to facilitate the growth and development of individuals as emotional, intellectual and spiritual whole beings and self-sufficient humans. The person becomes whole by being aware of  and able to confront irrational thoughts, feelings and fragmented pieces of their identity. Through self-reflection and experiential learning they discover the strengths, abilities and potential are already contained within themselves. When we begin to renew the power of listening  by accepting and trying to understand others, doorways open to more powerful ways to start changing our world views and connections for exploring more effective interpersonal relationships. Through MCL I hope to see a renewal of trust in people’s differences and a desire for more learning, freedom and meaning in life.

In Self-Coaching which is learning to help yourself reach your full potential boils down to three tasks:

1) Learn to access our emotions more fully, express emotions to others more effectively, and learning how to control ourselves from becoming to  emotionally “flooded.”

2) Learn to manage ourselves more effectively, interact on a more positive level with others and make better choices while acknowledging and experiencing strong emotions.

3) Learn to handle and accept strong emotions when flooded and find efficient and healthy ways of comforting and soothing ourselves.

There’s an obvious arc to this emotional journey, one that involves pushing ourselves to reach new discovers, navigating difficult emotional self-awareness interpersonal situations, and safely returning to lower the temperature and heat of unhealthy emotional reactions. Looked at from this perspective, self-coaching can be seen as emotional reconditioning and re-positioning. If you have done meaningful work with the “structure with process” coaching tools by experimenting with different learning approaches, I think the process of Constructive Living will provide a new vision and path for continuous growth.


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