“Sticky Presentations” Use 4 C’s and other tactics…

“Speech is power. Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I am going to summarize what it takes to make your messages “stick” with audience members. The Stickiness Factor, was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, in the book, Tipping Point.  Gladwell defines a tipping point as: “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point… when ideas, products and messages lead to behaviors that seem to spread like viruses do. One of the most powerful examples of such “stickiness” and thus change in behavior is the rise in popularity of Sesame Street in  children’s television programs. This program’s framework ushered in the development of message retention, diversity, combined with specific educational content, like learning the ABC’s and numbers with bilingual focus and through a climate of  high energy, fun and entertainment. We reviewed the four C’s before –so remember to make your message sticky as a presenter–Be Confident , Clear, Concise and Compelling. Other ideas are as follows:

  1. Be Audience Centered. Grab their attention early. Start with getting them involved by asking a reflective question. Gather information on the needs and expectations of your listeners; so as to make your presentation interesting and appealing to them.  What are their expectations?  What are their attitudes toward you, your team, or your topic? What is their one learning goal for the presentation?
  2. Keep your Significant Overriding Objective (SOO) top of the mind.  Is your goal to inspire, inform and present information or to persuade a committee or person to adopt and support your proposal? Repeat goal often and tie to specific examples.
  3. Get to the point. What are the key points you will make?  How do you want to say them?  What graphics will be used i.e., flip charts, PowerPoint, or a combination?  Keep visual aids simple and to the point.  Do you have any written material, handouts, sensory or tangible  examples to show audience?
  4. Challenge their thinking. Present a surprising fact. Use examples, analogies, simulations, and stories to stick your message.
  5. Make you message clear, concrete, compelling, and consistent with the facts. The 4 C’s drive energy into the delivery and bring relevance to the participants.
  6. Be entertaining and extemporaneous while avoiding presenting too much information or “hop scotching” around from topic to topic. Speaking from notes or a key point outline makes the presentation smoother and more natural than reading a speech to the audience.
  7. Be natural in your style and passionate about the message. Emotions — getting people to care about our ideas involves making them feel something. When talking about litter on the highways an example is the Campaign in Texas “Don’t mess with Texas tapped into Texans feelings of pride.

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