Daily Quote and Reflection: The Invisible Truth

Quote: “What is essential is invisible to the eyes.” Saint -Exupery  The Little Prince

Reflection:  I have often pondered this simple but powerful quote. It confuses me because I think paying attention and observing are very important assets to understanding and connecting with others. If we can read people right we often can relate better with them. We can flex our style when dealing with them or can be careful to not criticize them because they appear sensitive or fragile etc.

On the other hand given the context of the quote I think the point maybe more subtle. Maybe Exupery is encouraging us to look beyond the outside actions of others and try to simply accept others instead of always trying to figure out their motives. Maybe he is saying  that the real value in life happens inside us all and that is what allows us to make choices and change our situations and live a more meaningful and productive life.

So instead of condemning other people’s intentions give them a break and understand that most of us, most of the time have good intentions . We just don’t have the skill or wisdom to execute those intentions very well in all the situations and people we interact with in life. What are your ideas about this quote? Please comment and share with the community.

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