Want more Self-Awareness : Try this exercise in identifying strengths

“You can change without knowing and growing, but you can’t grow without changing your behavior and actions. Execution is everything.”

I have been blogging about Meaningful Living ideas as a way for you to develop a clear pathway for living a better “quality of life” . Today, I will start a new series–Action Exercises for Creating a a more “meaningful and better quality of life”. This approach to living is difficult because  to get from where you are NOW to where you want to go it will require you to be more introspective and self-aware.

The first thing we will work on in this Smart-Step approach to change is  ask you to identify your STRENGTHS. So let’s begin.

Exercise:  #1 Finding Your Signature Strengths.

a, Take the inventory developed by Peterson et.al., in 2005 to get a baseline for your strengths. Go to www.http://authentichappiness.org to take the inventory of strengths.

b. Now pick one of these new found strengths and apply it everyday for the next week to your life experiences. This assignment will help you to stay focused on at least one positive thing in trying to create a more Constructive Life.

c. To make the activity more powerful in changing your life- identify the situation, people involved and impact when applying this strength.

I encourage you to share your experience and reflections with other community members so  that we can learn from each other.

Good Luck and have fun with your personal change experiment.


One thought on “Want more Self-Awareness : Try this exercise in identifying strengths”

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