Message for President Obama– Inspirational leaders listen,tell stories and assert beliefs.

“A story can translate dry, abstract numbers into compelling pictures of reality and relevance for listener. Storytelling is a critical skill for all those seeking to be an inspirational leader.”  – Tom Peters

New role for Obama–Facilitator and Assertive Story Teller .What part has the President played in this debate on HCR? What lessons does he take away from this HCR process? He has been trusting, observer participant, indignant self-righteous leader, delegator, advocate, consensus builder, etc. Maybe it would be good for him to take a reflective mode and ponder what it means to be a leader. Re-reading Shakespeare might shed some light on the way forward for producing change we can believe in.

As Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and entrances. And one man plays many parts…”

The essence of the leadership role is connecting with followers and being perceived as confident and competent, caring for others and producing results.

More Assertiveness. Draw a line in the stand. Message for President Obama Don’t be afraid to stand behind the power of your beliefs, values and convictions. It’s often all the momentum you need to propel your success. Wishy-washy policies, half-baked compromises, rarely making waves with absurd ideas from opponents will not facilitate change in political culture of Capital Hill.  The most successful leaders stand for something. They subsequently create anticipation and excitement among their followers for new policies or simply the desire to solve problems. But assertive leaders are not afraid to lose fans as they keep their loyalists and base consistently delighted. If we are to secure the change we voted for we need more assertiveness from President Obama.

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