Poem: The New Selfless Leader

The New Selfless Leader

Be not locked into past experience, assumptions,

blind spots or successes.

Stay focused on waves of NOW—

Be aware

Be Open

Be flexible

Be Caring and Present

Stay attuned as paths of brightness appear

As ideas and  directions float above

the  mist of noise and confusion

Creating positive expectations that

Shall point the Way–

For advocacy, cooperation, and

Selflessness … Empathic Service

Service… Service… For Others.


2 thoughts on “Poem: The New Selfless Leader”

  1. This is beautiful and powerful! I’m curious about the use of the word “New” in your title. I guess it implies that much recent leadership has been lacking in these vital qualities, and I would certainly agree with that. But I would also suggest that leaders who embrace the vision you’ve expressed so well are really exemplifying age-old qualities and characteristics of great leaders. Thank you for this excellent and poignant reminder of what makes an effective leader. It is one I will share with others.

  2. Hi Elizabeth-Thanks for your comments. What I meant by “new” leader was that in the past Leadership was seen as being empowered by position ,command and control rules and power plays. I agree with your observation that leaders who embrace the vision I am portraying really exemplify
    core values of our greatest leaders. The “new” leader concept envisions that Leadership is everyone ones responsibility. It based more on creating a culture of Leadership and involvement than individual characteristics. The poem builds on the concept that I blogged about on Feb 1,2010
    Thanks for the contribution and I would be interested in your feedback on some of the other leadership ideas that I am conceptualizing.

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