President Obama arrives as Advocate In Chief

Our advocate has arrived. Finally, there is some listening and action on the needs and expectation of all Americans at the White House—solve our problems and produce results. By being an advocate the President can rebuild trust and credibility with the folks who elected him; ensure positive change by meeting and exceeding constituents expectations and adding value to their “quality of life” not pain; and build an empathic government through listening and acting on priority problems; such as HCR and more jobs… and more

After the Republicans showed their true colors at the HC Summit we now see that their solution for HCR is tort reform and letting people buy insurance across State lines.  They want Obama to fail it does not matter what changes are made to the bills or what initiative is presented.For example, they want to even block workers unemployment  payments (Senator Bunting) because they say it is an incentive not to look for a job. The same people who through their greed have created the problems we now face. The Republicans worship by the philosophy of “me first”. the almighty dollar, and small government. The only change option they support will be one that keeps money in their pockets and supports corporate America. They use fear to keep Americans in their place. Fear is their major tactic; Obama is not fighting a “War on Terror”,  death beds for older people, government take over arguments and lies are all centered on fear. Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans will say or do anything to block Health Care Reform because they are owned  by the Insurance and Pharma lobbyists.

President  Obama needs to be assertive and get his team aligned on one message–reform for the less fortunate. Obviously, there are no easy solutions for the many broken systems from Health Care, Social Security to Banking.   Remember we voted for “change we can believe in” the last election. Now that the President is advocating he will get support if he just keeps pushing for true change. He needs to go back and read his campaign speeches and check the Democratic platform ( we support Single payer HCR). Yet he needs a willing partner and it seems like the Republicans are still riding that “one trick pony” lower taxes and sabotage what the American people desperately need and want–problems solved.

Trust means being vulnerable and taking risks. I for one hope he stops reaching out to Republicans and starts to act on the principles and values that got him elected.  Since he now has spelled out a compelling and clear statement for HCR; the time has come to move forward with a majority vote on HC. The HELL  with the Republicans and “Blue Dogs” let them say “no” and then try to explain it to their supporters during the next election.  This action would be leadership we can believe in. He needs to be more passionate about why we need the changes he is advocating for now. He must show people his willingness to fight for what is right. His passion brings back support from all those who voted for him and want to see him succeed. Time is running out Mr. President and if we don’t continue to stand-up and fight you may seal your destiny as a one-term President. Please keep stepping-up and being  assertive for what you believe in and why we elected you President. I still believe and remember what Mahatma Gandhi said: “Satisfaction lies in the effort not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory”.  Keep up the effort President Obama this is the effort and change we all voted for.

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