Daily Quote–Living with Uncertainty

Daily Quote

“Change and momentariness is inevitable…only when we have a clear vision of this flux and our place in it does our effort mean something. Some of the change we can influence, some we cannot. Our fundamental hope lies is in affecting the change that IS US.”

David Reynolds, Ph.D. author of  Water Bears No Scars

“Here is one more–“Their is nothing permanent except change.” Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Reflection: So true. I can remember trying to get a friend of mine to start running. It was then that I decided if you accept the other person as they are; you give them the space and time to decide on their own. Support is more powerful than demands. To paraphrase Gandhi –be the change you want to be. That’s why trying to manage change is not a very productive use of my energy. Acceptance of reality and ambiguity is better than deluding yourself into thinking that things can be certain in life. Living with ambiguity leaves you less stressed and more free to just experience and enjoy the “here and now”.


2 thoughts on “Daily Quote–Living with Uncertainty”

  1. Great timing,Mark and great to see your words again! Have had you on my mind lately, I quoted you in a recent skills presentation – so you are now published in Powerpoint! What a thrill…..


  2. Jean– Thanks for the kind words and free publicity. It gets lonely out here in the Social Media world. It gets lonely out here in the Social Media world. Best time is in the afternoons because I have a few coaching clients who are pretty demanding in the AM. Mark

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