Secrets of Coaching: Power of T.R.U.S.T.



Five- Step Master Coaching and Change Model


Step 1.  TELL the Truth to yourself and others – Be clear on change wanted and goals. Tell truth to yourself and others… no lies, be authentic, open and do the right thing in interaction. (Stop)


·  Know Your Desired outcome and purpose for the session.

·  Take deep breathCenter yourself.  Calm down. Count to twenty.

·  What do you need or want to get to the desired future?  

·  What do you want in the future given your present situation?

·  What do you need to do to get from present situation to the future?

·  What resources do you to bring to bear on the situation to succeed?


Ask the following from person being coached :  I want… I need… I resent… I demand…in order to create a better future? If you could live your life over again, what would you change?


Step 2. REALITY check:  Assess current situation and its impact


·  What is important to you right now?

·  What is currently happening?

·  Do you resent or want to change anything in the current situation?

·  What are some of your current successes? What’s worked? and Not?

·  What are your initiatives for NEXT MONTH?

·  What are your problems (things you have now that you would like to be rid of)?

·   What are your dreams  ( things you do not have presently but want to create)

·  Are your wants and goals still reasonable and achievable?


Step 3.   UNDERSTAND self and others point of view and perspectiveDemonstrate empathy through understanding and non-judgmental actions.


·  How do we create effective and authentic dialogue?  

·  Your level of empathy and understanding of the other persons situation?

·  What  are a couple of “top of the mind” priorities in this situation?

·  How do you keep balance in your life?

·  Conduct a personal inventory or a self-assessment? 

·  What message do you need to send or experience to get their attention?


Step 4.   SYSTEMATIC Review of Alternatives


·  If you had a “magic wand to wave what would the situation look like?

·  What would an outside  observer’s perception or view be of your situation?

·  What would a perfect solution look like?

·  When weighing the pros and cons of alternatives –What alternative looks best?

·  What are some negative or unattented consequences that might occur if you proceed with this alternative?


Step 5.  THE Plan of Action –Make a (choice) focus 100% committment on change .       

·  How to remove the blocks and tap into that information, experience in order to create the kind of future you want?

·  What will it take for you to commit to action?

·  What resistance or interfernce must you overcome?

·  How will you overcome these forces to change?  

·  Are you still committed to go ahead with plans?

·  What is the Plan of Action that demonstrates “Leadership in Action” ?



In summary, the Trust-Coaching Process is a practical tool that you can use to become more effective leader in many different situations. The questions are merely meant as broad guidelines.  In some cases or situations different questions may be called for to establish a meaningful dialogue. You need to develop flexibility in tailoring this process to fit unique situations.  The key to success is for both you and your coach to cover the most important topics on a regular basis and to be available to each other for special situations. This process will provide a simple discipline and structure for coaching. Good Luck and stay tuned for more coaching tips in future blogs.


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